Brazilian Journal of Nature Conservation

ISSN online 2178-3675/ISSN print 1679-0073

Natureza & Conservação (Brazilian Journal for Nature Conservation) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal devoted to improving theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of conservation science. Until 2009, the journal was edited by the Fundação “O Boticário de Proteção à Natureza”. From 2010 on, it became an official scientific journal of the new Brazilian Association for Ecological Science and Conservation (Associação Brasileira de Ciência Ecológica e Conservação – ABECO), with financial support from the Boticário Group Foundation for Nature Protection.
The main goal of Natureza & Conservação is to communicate new research and conceptual advances in conservation science to different actors of society, including researchers, conservationists, technical officers and decision makers. Scientific papers should focus on new conceptual or methodological developments with practical implications, and case studies will be considered only if referred to more general contexts.
Indexing: Periodica, CABI International, Latindex, Hapi, and ISI.
ISSN 1679-0073
JCR 2015: 1.000

Natureza & Conservação publishes original papers in English in the following formats:

Essays & Perspectives
Longer essays and reviews (up to 6000 words) updating recent topics of interest in conservation science. Essays  Perspectives will be usually invited, but submissions can be discussed with the editors in advance and suggestions are welcome.

Research letters
Short and concise manuscripts with up to 3000 words in length, up to 4 figures and/or tables, and 25 references.

Policy Forums
Brief essays (1000 to 2000 words lus 1-2 figures) for a general audience on issues related to conservation and society. Contributions to this section should clearly articulate the significance of their ideas for conservation policy and practice.

Book reviews
Book reviews (up to 2000 words) will be included in the journal on a range of relevant titles that are not more than two years old.